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Installation instructions for Phantom brackets (pw&pn)

A quick overview: You will first install the nipples on fender, then install couplers on fiberglass Phantom bracket, and then install brackets on saddlebags.

1. Starting on the right hand side of bike. The supplied nipples will first need to be installed by replacing 2 bolts in fender strut or fender. Use supplied lock nuts on models with through bolts. Tighten nipples. Check alignment of nipples, they must be parallel in both axis. On some models there may be some spacers required, if these came in your hardware kit they need to be used with the nipples.

2. Place the couplers into the holes in the black fiberglass Phantom bracket from the inside. This will make the black nut for coupler on the black gel coat side of bracket. Do not tighten these nuts yet. The large black nut is a 1” and the coupler will use a 13/16” wrench. First see if the bracket will snap onto the nipples with the nuts being loose. You need to find out if there is any bind on the nipples. The holes in bracket may be too close putting bind on outside of nipples or too far apart, putting bind on inside of nipples. If brackets do not come on and off easily with nuts loose yet you may need to take a rat tail file and file an inside or outside edge of coupler hole to allow perfect alignment. When bracket can come on and off without binding it now can be tighten and do not forget to use the supplied loctite. The couplers must be tightened while bracket is snapped on the nipples. This works best if coupler can stay in same spot and the nut turned tight instead of turning the coupler to tighten. Once couplers are tight, again recheck if bracket can come on and off easy. Time taken now to get couples set in right spot will be worth it. Put a little WD-40 spray into couplers when you are doing this. Tighten the coupler nuts only to 5 ft pounds. Over tightening the coupler nuts will cause the bracket to shift and create bind on the nipples, making the bracket hard to remove.

3. When you are satisfied the couplers are set right and tight on Phantom bracket it is now time to attach the bracket to the saddlebag ( outside back of saddlebag). The large washers will go inside the saddlebag and the button head bolts will go from inside the saddlebag outward, through washer, back of bag then bracket. There are 4 bolts that are 1/8” shorter. These 4 shorter bolts will be used side bottom right and side bottom left where there is only one thickness of plastic and the Phantom bracket. Do not over tighten any of the bolts that attach the Phantom bracket to the bag. This can compress the back of the bag and cause it to warp. The bracket will not lay nice and flat against the bag then.

4. Now the bags can be put on the bike. When ever you put your bags on you MUST MAKE SURE THE COLLAR ON COUPLER HAS SLID ALL THE WAY BACK AND LOCKED DOWN ON THE NIPPLES. If collars do not go all the way back your bag is not locked on bike and could fall off. REMOVE THE BAGS FREQUENTLY (AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH) AND SPRAY INSIDE COUPLERS WITH WD-40. THIS HELPS WASH OUT ROAD GRIME AND KEEPS THEM WORKING FREELY AND PROPERLY.