Frequently Asked Questions:
updated 6/2015

Here is our top 20 most FAQ about our saddle bags.
Feel free to ask us anything via e-mail
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Does your springer basket weave match my 1999 Heritage springer? Yes, Greg has made his own stamp to duplicate the Heritage springer and can make items that will match. We also have matching trim colors.
Is your #37 bag have more space than my stock Springer bags? Yes, our #37 bag has quite a bit more interior space than the stock Springer bags.
Can I put your new #50 bag on my Heritage? Yes you can if you add the mounting kit from Cycle Visions.
Can I put your new #50 on my Dyna? Yes you can if you add the mounting kit from Cylce Visions, you will also need to relocate signals.
Can you carve something in my lids and paint them. Yes, we can!
Why are your bags so expensive There is Timex and Rolex. If you want a Timex on your bike, I may not be your saddlebag supplier.
Will the stiffener kit work on any bag? NO, the stiffener kit is only for late model stock Heritage Bags. Year 2000-2015. Please measure bags to see if they have not shrunk too much. See how here
Can I just order the Heritage Bag Stiffener Kit & do it myself? We must install the kit because we rivet the stiffners in. Gluing or otherwise will not be effective.
Can I buy my Boss Bags Factory Direct?
How long would it take to ship?
Yes - you can! Click the Purchase button on the
menu bar to contact us about the bags you want.
Continental US orders cost $55 for saddlebags and take (usually) around three days to process order, shipping UPS is from 1 day to 5 days travel.
Do I need a luggage rack for the trunk bags? Yes. A luggage rack is required for the trunk bags but the backrest is not necessary.
All bags are numbered according to how many twelve ounce cans (i.e. soda, beer, etc.) fit in each side of the bag. We range from: 32, 34,35, 36,37,38 and 40 can capacity bags. See which one fits your bike clicking your bike on our homepage.
Is that picture of Travis real?

Yes, there is no computer rendering of the pic of Travis standing on motorcycle saddlebags. Our bags are just that strong. He is standing on a set of 42 bags on a Softail.
My Bike isn't on your list, can you make bags for my bike?
Yes, we can make bags for most any late model cruiser. Call us or e-mail us to be sure.
Will Boss Bags work with my detachable sissybar / luggage rack?
Boss Bags are custom drilled to meet the specific features of your motorcycle. Will work with most models of detachable sissy bars and luggage racks.
How do I know if I need to

relocate my turn signals?

Check the shock strut, Boss Bags uses two holes in the shock struts for mounting the bags, and if one of them presently has the rear blinkers in them, it may be possible to move them back, or custom rear turn signals may be required. It is unique to the style of the bike.
Does it make a difference if I have either stock or custom pipes?
Custom & stock pipes make an important difference because of where we drill our holes in the bags for mounting. We like to make our bags fit as tight and close as possible, so we just need to know what pipes you have so we can prepare the bags accordingly.
Do you make saddlebags for a Softail Deuce?
YES WE DO! But need lower pipes than Stock, both to be below passenger pegs. Will not fit Screaming Eagle 2004.
Why can't I buy #34 or #42 bags fit on my Dyna?
The rear shock on a Dyna takes up space on the side of the shock strut that Softails have that space free. The #32 and 35 bag has a mold on the back of it to fit precisely around the rear shock, whereas #34s and #42 have a flat back.
Can you put Phantom Brackets on a #42 Saddle Bag?

Can I buy Phantom Brackets for my stock or other third party saddle bags?

NO, it is a larger bag, and cannot be supported by a Phantom Bracket.

NO, Phatom brackets were made specifically for Boss Bags....

Do you have any other colors besides black?
Our long running joke is: "we have any color you want - as long as IT IS BLACK."

We are now offering brown as well.

Do you have tank bags or windshield bags for my bike?
Yes, we have tank bags for Late model softails, Deluxe..
I crashed up my bike, and was wondering if I could buy just one bag?
That would be NO PROBLEM. We can sell just one saddlebag.
How do I take care of my saddlebags?
All Boss Bags come with a Leather Care Kit, and instructions. If you run out, we will happily sell you some more.
What kind of leather is used on Boss Bags?
Our #32,#34,#35, #36,#37, #38, #40 and #50 models have vegetable tanned cowhide. Our standards for leather saddle bags are strict - the results are thick and firm. It also has a weather resistant finish. The bag's leather, as well as the concho straps will not fade or lose their color.
How do Phantom Brackets work?
Two stainless steel nipples that replace bolts in fender strut click into what works like a female end on an airhose coupler. The two couplers are bolted in the bag, and the fiberglass bracket is bolted to the back of the bag. Nothing is left on the motorcyle except the nipples when the saddlebags are removed.
How do I become a dealer?
Call us up on the phone and talk to Greg about becoming a dealer to see if you qualify.
On my Softail, will your bags fit if I have rear floor boards?

Will your bags fit with my Heritage crash bars?

Yes, they will fit, we have some pics of softails with rear floorboards, check em out!

#36,37 and 40 bags work with Heritage crash bars, otherwise they would have to be removed if you want any other of our bags..

Can I fit a laptop notebook computer into your #34 , #38 or #42 saddlebags?

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