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Custom motorcycle saddlebags, custom motorcycle seats. Heritage Springer seats rebuild.

Flame overlay on top of lid, valance is buffalo

This trunk is 4" taller and 1" deeper than our #72.

Let Boss Bags custom build your bags and matching accessories.

The buffalo lid has studs and fringe on lid and tubs, trimmed in burgandy.

The buffalo print lid with conchos, fancy buckles and fringe on lid and tubs.

Brown gator trims the smooth lid on this pair of 50 bags for a Street Glide. Fancy buckles and fringe on lid and tubs.

Double fringe using 8" brown fringe under a 6" black fringe. Basket weave lids with conchos and long brown tails.

Double fringe on this 67 size trunk

Double fringe using the 8" white fringe under the 6" black fringe, white trim, basketweave lid with Fatboy emblem on a 41 magnum.

An eagle carved in a lid with the basket weave stamp background before died black

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Mermaid on anchor carved with the basket background. Fancy buckles

Willie G skull carved in lid with basket weave background, fancy buckles and conchos with long tails.

HOHS cruise saddlebag with carved skull lid top and crossing guns, braided and stamped valance.

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Carved skull and studded lide on a 67 size trunk bag

Tribal carving on large trunk of a V8 chopper trike

Mean dragon carved on the large trunk bag

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Custom side small saddlebag

Studs and stamping on the 9" 53 windshield pouch.

Fringe and basket weave on a windshield pouch and an tank bag

Brown gator trim on a 23 pouch for a fairing.

Brown gator trim with basket weave and fancy buckles to match a custom seat

Buffalo valance with braiding with studs

Brown trimed brown trunk with fancy bukles

Brown gator trim with conchos with long tails and fringe both lid and tubs. Fancy buckles

Brown gator trimmed brown lid with fancy buckles and fringe on lid only.

All white

Basket weave with studs. Fringe on lids and tubs. Fancy western buckle loop tip set and extra concho fringe center.

Our 50 bag with basketweave, fringe, fancy buckles and white trim

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New Leather color available 3/15/2016

Recovered seat with "Snakebite" leather


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All Boss Bags have quick release straps and lockable lids...Start with Plain
bags and customize your detachable saddlebags with any of these options below:

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ALL Boss Bags are made out of US cowhide leather, tanned in the USA if it looks like leather it is! The phantom 37 and 40 base is made of super strong fiberglass and the lid is reinforced with plastic. Needless to say. BOSS BAGS will always hold their shape

Orders, ?'s, or comments may be answered by Greg at Boss Bags: 1-888-853-9975