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***2016 and newer require lid replacement***

***Click here for Heritage Springer saddlebags***

Stock Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Saddlebag Stiffener Kit, saddlebag inserts, $200 (some 2011 add $50) Or add our better straps for an additional $50
(plus $55 shipping & handling)

**Clean and condition now an option $50**

Watch below video, instructions on sending in your bags

**UPS Ground lower 48 states**

Canada shipping USPS $105.00 and customer will be responsible for any duties and taxes.

Incoming bags from Canada must be sent to us via postal, NOT UPS. Bags from Canada shipped UPS will be refused

Springer kit, $60 and is do yourself, no locks or lid stiffener

Normally in shop 4 working days

Heritage Saddlebag support and reinforcement and saddlebag inserts

2000 and newer Heritage Saddlebags only.

********New replacement lids, click here********

Above shows the molded plastic lid stiffener that is riveted in our stiffern kit and also in our New replacement lids. This gives the bags the nice domed look.

Above photo shows a brand new replacement lid made by Boss Bags for 2000 and newer Heritage
The below picture (left) shows the molded lid stiffeners, front stiffeners, and side gusset stiffeners, all of which get riveted in.Same key Master locks allow you to lock your bags shut. Pics below show bags with installed stiffener kits and how the bag is locked: 2000 and newer Heritage
Saddlebags only.

Don't put up with saggy lids and caved in gussets on your Heritage saddlebags. Boss Bags now offers a complete saddlebag reinforcing job that uses a molded plastic insert in the lid and total side gusset reinforcement as well as master locks. This saddlebag support kit will make your Heritage saddlebags look like they did when they were new on a new motorcycle. This is not a do it yourself fix kit. This is a professional job that need to be done by Boss Bags.

If your bags are not pretty new and soft yet, make sure to measure the lids as shown below first. To send in saddlebags, you can leave back bracket on them. Label each bag with your name, include inside bags full name, full address and day Phone number. Let us know what you would like done (basic stiffener kit with locks $200, basic kit with locks and new straps $250, clean and condition adds $50) Let us know year. We take Visa, Master Card or good checks.

send them to: Boss Bags, Inc. 111 Industrial Park Ave. Hortonville, WI 54944 888-853-9975

more Heritage Bag accessories at bottom of page:

Above bag is too far gone for our kit.

Measure across your lids as shown here and to the right. Bags that measure less than 15 3/4" across at this point have shrunk too much for our kit. Also if lid is too hard our kit may not work as the lid cannot be pulled tight for a nice look.

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side view of stock Heritage Saddlebags with Stiffener Kit installed.

Rear view of stock Heritage Saddlebags with Stiffener Kit installed.
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Picture of the lid stiffener and locking rings installed. Rings do not show when lid is shut and lock not in place. A pair of same key master locks are included. Finally you can lock up your your contents!

This picture shows the inside of the saddlebags with our stiffeners installed. The side gusset stiffener is form fitted and riveted in. The Front stiffener is riveted just below the stock one and is twice as tall, and twice as thick.

Click to enlarge any picture.

  1. Shaped lid stiffener riveted between lid and straps.
  2. Hidden D-ring for locking the lid shut.
  3. Optional - longer, doubled and stitched new leather straps. Stay in your keepers better. Add $50
  4. Snaps replaced with chrome studs. Snaps are not needed with lid stiffener riveted in.

Water bottle and holder

Hang bags for rear and for between the straps

HHB is for rear only, and HBS or HBSC is for between the straps.

Get new straps!

Tired of your old floppy straps? Add our new replacement straps for and additional $50.

Trunk bags, Huge trunk bags!!
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