Leather Trunks, Saddlebags and Accessories for Indian Chief


Our beautiful Indian Chief saddle bags are made on a molded fiberglass body covered in heavy black vegetable tanned leather that looks great on Dark horse. Our new tan color leather is a special tanned process just for us and looks awsome on Chief Classic, Vintage, Chiefton and Roadmaster. The saddle bags feature quick disconnect buckles on the front, but more impressively, the saddlebags detach from the bike using our custom made Boss Bags couplers. Locking lids are standard for all saddlebags. The saddlebags are made to fit neatly to your bike maximizing and utilizing space. Our saddlebags will work with the Indian detachable passenger backrest. Fringe, carving on black and other custom work is available for these saddlebags (Price will differ). Base price for plain black bags is $1300 for the set, $1400 for tan and mounting hardware is include. Many trim options are available. Tail bags, luggage rack bags, sissy bar bags, and trunk bags for Indian as well.


Indian Trunk bags all are reinforced inside with plastic as well as the lids. Our tan leather we get from the same tannery that Indian does so the tan is a match for color as the 2016 and newer.


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Black with deluxe basket weave and conchos

$1480.00 pair

Black with fringe, studs conchos and fancy buckles

$1595.00 pair

Indian tan with fringe and studs $1575.00

Black with studs, conchos and fancy buckles

$1450.00 pair

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Black with Gambler stud package

$1395.00 pair

Black with Deluxe basket weave,and conchos.

$1480.00 pair

Black with conchos and lid fringe.

$1440.00 pair

Black, gambler studs, fringe and fancy buckles.

$1595.00 pair

72ISC Indian Chief Black trunk

Main body 16" wide, 13" tall, 13 inches deep


Smaller 14"x 12"x 12".... 67ISC $545

Trunks come with straps and cam lock buckles for

backrest and luggage rack, or sandwich mount for

solo racks.

Tan medium size trunk with conchos, studs and Indian Chief plaque.

67ISCP $695

67ISC Tan with studs and conchos. $595

Medium size 14" wide, 12" tall, 12" deep


72ISC on Scout solo rack $645

72ISC Chief solo rack bag


14" wide, 12" tall and 12" deep

Genuine Indian Concho now available and can replace the Boss Bags conchos at $20 each, there are 4 on a trunk bag so this upgrade costs $80 on the trunk bags.

Black with Chief carved in lid with studs and conchos.

Medium size 14" wide, 12" tall, 12" deep. Click to enlarge

67ISCBlkCC $625.00

72ISCPF $825

Includes plaque and fringe.

Large 72 in black with sewn on Indian Chief plaque $695

As shown with plaque $695

Without Chief Plaque is $595.00

Add fringe adds $60

12" deep and reinforced with plastic.

side pockets are 7" wide, 8 1/2" tall, 3 1/2"

thick. Full velcro closure on main bag

72ISC $645

Larger size 16" X 13" X 13" body

72ISCF $725

Includes fringe

#53 Tan Indian Chief Windshield bag $95

9" wide, 3 1/2" thick and 6" tall

Also available in black $95

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