#42 Bags are not recommended on 2002 Scout with stock exhaust.

BOSS BAGS for Indian Scout can be plain, or add studs, conchos, and "piggyback" bags.


#34, #36 & #38 Bags: $925.00 & up

The #34 & new #36 slanted bag are both smaller bag than the #42. A real advantage to having the phantom brackets is when you want to ride without the saddlebags, you may do so, with little evidence that your bike has saddle bags - no ugly bracket - just two stainless steel nipples. The Phantom bracket system attributes quick disconnect, and clean bike appearance when the bags are off the bike. Phantom bracket bags go on and off the same way on all kinds of bikes...Go here to see see a #34 bag get taken off of a Softail and put back on in less than 15 seconds!

#42 Bags: $975.00 & up

The #42 bags holds more than a phantom bracket bags, and it does leave a bracket on the bike. It does however have the same quick disconnect as the #34 bags. This bag would be for you if you do not like riding without your bags, and you want every inch you can get out of your bags. Go here to see see a #42 bag's quick disconnect system.


Installation of Boss Bags may require you to relocate your turn signals.

Kuryakyn turn signals:

35 watt Halogen bulbs
(compared to a 23 watt incandescent bulbs of a stock bike.) Simple installation. No load equalizer required.

On those long rides in the summer, or those hot swap rallies, this water bottle can be your savior for thirst. A must have for hot days. clip can securely latch onto most things, and rubber tongs keep water bottle securely iin holder. Accessable even when you're driving.
Boss Bags PURSE!

Also can be worn as a fanny-pack.

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