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#42 Bags for the Indian 2002 Chief have PHANTOM BRACKETS!

The only #42 bag we build the phantom brackets on!
***will not fit previous models of Chiefs***

BOSS BAGS can be plain, or add studs, conchos, and "piggyback" bags.


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Go here page to see a movie of the Phantom Bracket quick disconnect system (on a #34 bag.) This movie has the same removal system as the 2002 Chief Phantom #42 Bag.
2002 #42 CHIEF BAGS


Your new 2002 Chief now can have a premium detachable saddlebag and also tailor made sissy bar. Photo above shows the sissy bar side plates and the stainless steel nipples for mounting the new quick disconnect saddlebag. The bracket that supports the bag stays on the bag, not the bike. It gives you a clean look when the bags are off. This is the largest bag we make for the Phantom brackets and is only available for the 2002 Chief.

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#42 Bags: $975.00 & up
<bag (above) is $1160 as shown>

•The #42 bags holds more than a #34, and this is the only that that not leave a bracket on the bike. It has the same quick disconnect as the #34 bags. This bag is for you if you like riding without your bags, it leaves a clean look with no brackets.

•The #42 gives you every possible inch you can get out of your bags. This bag has some serious size and capacity. You can physically put 42 twelve ounce cans in one side!

•Hidden quick disconnect buckle straps make getting in and out of you bags a snap. Lockable lid secures your cargo, Master Locks™ included. This reinforced leather bag will hold its shape and not sag down.


Boss Bags polished stainless steel
Sissy Bar Side Plates. $85

Mounts easily into existing bolt location.

sissy bar side plates part #: C-SIS
sissy bar part # SB
luggage rack part # LR
studded back pad part # BP-S
plain back pad part # BP-P

On those long rides in the summer, or those hot swap rallies, this water bottle can be your savior for thirst. A must have for hot days. clip can securely latch onto most things, and rubber tongs keep water bottle securely iin holder. Accessable even when you're driving.
Boss Bags PURSE!

Also can be worn as a fanny-pack.

Wheeled Luggage Kit

Make your Boss Bags wheeled luggage with this kit available only from Boss Bags.

***wheeled luggage kit available only on 42 bags.***

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